Parish Church CE Primary School

Believing and Achieving Together

Governing Board

Parish CE Primary School is fortunate in having a dedicated and enthusiastic governing board.  This  is made up of Academy Governors, the incumbent of the Parish of Holy Trinity, Skipton, the Headteacher, a Staff Governor, two Parent Governors and a representative of the Trust Board. The following also attend local governing body meetings: the Deputy Headteacher and the Clerk.

Parish Church CE Primary School is part of the Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust. The Board of Trustees delegate a range of responsibilities to the governing body, affecting most aspects of the school. The governing body collectively works to raise standards and to support the overall development of all pupils. This involves providing a strategic view for the school, acting as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the senior leadership team, and ensuring accountability.

The Governing Board

Chair David Portlock
Vice Chair Amanda Townson
Parish Governor Rev James Theodosius
Academy Governor Jayne Metcalfe
Academy Governor Zoe Sharpe
Academy Governor Andrew Marson
Staff Governor vacancy
Parent Governor vacancy
Parent Governor vacancy