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Reading and Phonics

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 we follow the Letters and Sounds Scheme which systematically introduces the different phonemes (sounds).  Children bring books home to read which are linked to the sounds they are learning.  

When children are confident in reading phonics, then they begin to access reading books through Accelerated Reader.  Accelerated Reader is a programme aimed at motivating and rewarding our pupils to read by guiding them to books suitable for their reading level. The children work at their individual level, developing confidence and becoming independent readers.  

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Accelerated Reader Book Finder is a website which allows you to check to see if a book is available on the programme and shows you quiz numbers for each book. This gives your child the opportunity to read their own books at home and complete Accelerated Reader quizzes on them in school.

After reading each book, students take a quiz to determine their comprehension of the text. The quizzes inform the teaching staff about areas for development within individual students’ reading and students receive points as the progress through the programme.  The points go towards the individuals' target which is personalised to them so that everyone can achieve.  

Our reading ambassadors at school (2 children from each class) have decided that we will have a bronze, silver and gold award scheme with children receiving a certificate each term if they reach their target.  These children will also be entered into the reading raffle and have the chance to win a £10 book voucher.  There will also be a millionaires' club that children will 'join' once they have read one million words.

What can you do to help your child?

  • Encourage them to read for at least 5 minutes each day for Reception and Key Stage 1 children and 10 minutes each day for Key Stage 2 children
  • Remind them that they should have their books and reading records every day
  • Help them to read and understand new or difficult vocabulary
  • Ask questions about the stories they are reading
  • Encourage them to take care of their books and take responsibility for their reading progress

What is Home Connect?

Home Connect is a tool that connects the school and home to keep you informed of your child’s progress in Accelerated Reader. Just log in with the Accelerated Reader user name and password your child uses in school to access the programme.

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