Parish Church CE Primary School

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School Attendance

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All parents and carers who have children of compulsory school age are responsible in law for ensuring that their children receive a suitable education.  Early intervention by schools to improve and maintain good attendance and reduce persistent absence levels is crucial for the well-being of children and young people.


Should your child be too unwell for school, you must call the school office on 01756 793314 before 9:00am each day to explain the reasons why they will not be in school.  School will follow up any unreported absences.

Each week we monitor class attendance and the results are given to the classes on a Monday morning. 

Any class who has 100% attendance are rewarded with 20 minutes of Golden Time which is taken during the week at the teachers' discretion. 

Classes with 97% attendance or above, have an extra 5 minutes of playtime, again taken at the teachers' discretion.



Aside from the class reward, individuals are also rewarded for Excellent attendance in school. 

Each half term, children who have achieved a fantastic 100% attendance for that half term are rewarded with a certificate of attendance and all names are placed into a prize drawer.  One winning name is drawn and the lucky person then receives £25.00 to spend in Argos on any item of their choice.