Parish Church CE Primary School

Believing and Achieving Together


Our priority is to develop the whole child, where the child is seen as an individual and where both pastoral and academic considerations are of importance. Our school is, for most pupils, the start of their formal education. We therefore aim to ensure all children develop a love of learning, alongside the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to achieve well throughout their education. The Department for Education (DfE) breaks down formal schooling into key stages. Like most schools we follow the National Curriculum. We want our children to be engaged in their learning from day one so we devised an exciting curriculum that teaches key concepts whilst building upon previous learning, using motivating contexts.

The school has recently developed a new Curriculum based on key skills and knowledge at the core and opportunities are planned for to allow children to demonstrate mastery of the age appropriate skills. Where appropriate, curriculum subjects are linked with some subjects being taught discretely where necessary. As we have some split-year classes, the school operates a 2-year cycle for subjects other than maths, reading and writing. This ensures that pupils receive the full curriculum without repeating any topics.

We also provide opportunities beyond the classroom and the National Curriculum.  Each half term we invite friends and family into school to for a 'Curriculum Experience' afternoon, where they can be part of the children's learning journey.

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